Blue Plate has been creating fun, stylish looks for young women for the last 9 years. Our parent company, Simonia Fashions has been in business for over twenty years!

Evie Yund, our designer travels around the world for inspiration. She gets her ideas from the people and places she visits. As a world traveler and fashion blogger, she’s written brand reviews of Vincero watches, guides on handbags and other hot fashion trend. Evie’s ideas are very eclectic which she always incorporates into her designs. She believes that it’s not just about the dress but also it’s about the accessories. Some of Blue Plate’s most winning combinations come from bringing together eastern and western looks and producing something completely unique.

Janice Tenner, our sales manager, with her sales team sells the Blue Plate label to catalogs, department stores and boutiques all around the world. Currently, Blue Plate is being sold in USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan! They both constantly research what’s happening in the market and fill in the niches. We keep the line competitive and attend major trade shows such as ‘Magic‘ twice a year. We also welcome our buyers to our showroom with new product and ideas every month.

Blue Plate is constantly featured in the best publications such as Seventeen, Marie Claire, Lucky, Seventeen, Glamour, and Cosmo Girl.

It’s because we offer hip designer looks at a fraction of the price!

Blue Plate Fashion Tip of the Day

1. Your waistline is in the same exact place it was twenty years ago, so there is no need to wear pants that come up to your neck. For most men and women, the waistline is slightly above the hips and slightly below the navel. The waist of your pants should never be more than one inch above the navel, regardless of age.

2. No matter how attractive or well-endowed you are, nobody in their right mind is interested in seeing cleavage that is half a century old.

3. Stick with colors that work. By the time most of us are in our 20s and 30s, we already have a good idea of which colors work well with our skin tones and which colors wash us out. Luckily, the undertones of our skin do not change as we age, so the same colors that looked good on you when you were 25 will still look good on you when you are 55.

4. After 50, stick with classic looks rather than trendy looks. The emphasis should be on clothing that conveys elegance, class, and timeless style; not trying to emulate 19 year old runway models showcasing the latest fashion fads.

5. Fit is everything. The human body doesn’t change much between the ages of 30 and 40, but it changes a great deal between the ages of 40 and 50. If you are still wearing garments that are more than ten years old, there’s a very good chance that they will no longer fit your body the same way as they once did.

Reaching the age of fifty does not mean that you have to stop looking stylish, it just means that you have to emphasize different characteristics. Instead of trying to look sexy, your new challenge is to look elegant. Those who manage to achieve this will often end up looking better than those who are futilely trying to recapture their youth.

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