Blue Plate has been creating fun, stylish looks for young women for the last 9 years. Our parent company, Simonia Fashions has been in business for over twenty years!

Evie Yund, our designer travels around the world for inspiration. She gets her ideas from the people and places she visits. Seema’s ideas are very eclectic which she always incorporates into her designs. Some of Blue Plate’s most winning combinations come from bringing together eastern and western looks and producing something completely unique.

Janice Tenner, our sales manager, with her sales team sells the Blue Plate label to catalogs, department stores and boutiques all around the world. Currently, Blue Plate is being sold in USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan! They both constantly research what’s happening in the market and fill in the niches. We keep the line competitive and attend major trade shows such as ‘Magic‘ twice a year. We also welcome our buyers to our showroom with new product and ideas every month.

Blue Plate is constantly featured in the best publications such as Seventeen, Marie Claire, Lucky, Seventeen, Glamour, and Cosmo Girl.

It’s because we offer hip designer looks at a fraction of the price!


Our Collection:

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